Reasoning and Bullshit

Hi Guys,


I do not know how long I will persevere with this blogging which has been evoked by boredom in the lead up to the packed college year and my conversations with people (especially about sport) that appear to be repeating themselves on social media all the time.  On that basis I have decided on write this drivel as I go back to my early childhood interests of writing about sport.

If this lasts any longer than the post after this, I know people are not that interested in what I have to say and a lot will not agree with my opinions, and being honest, I used to be silently judging and laughing at those I saw blogging in the past.

This blog, (again, if it lasts) will be about sport of all kinds, from Irish GAA to soccer to my beloved American sport of the NBA etc to politics, perhaps, maybe even just about society in general, something I have lost all faith in. Its main purpose is so I can see what I have been thinking in the past as I find that, as I get older (18) I do not have the luxury of thinking continuously as life gains momentum.


To all those who see this, maybe even take the piss, that is fine, I do not blame you.



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